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It's late, and I'm off to San Francisco early tomorrow morning (yay!). My twin sister moved there this summer to go to Berkeley for her PHD in archaeology. I haven't seen her since July, so I'm super excited! I'll be staying with her in Oakland, if anyone has any suggestions... I'm all ears.
I'm leaving you with this incredible eye candy from Amy Atlas Events, all sweetness and light! Via my favorite San Francisco based blog, Oh Happy Day.


Nicki on 10:42 PM

Yeay! Oakland is awesome. If you around for the weekend you have to check out the Lake Merritt farmers market on Saturday 9am-2pm. Also check out Filippo's on College Ave for a bite to eat. For dessert I would highly recomend Ici also on College Ave. Have a good time!

Mackenzie on 10:49 PM

Awesome! Thanks Nicki. I know my sister wanted to hit up a farmer's market this weekend, this must be the one she's been talking about! Thanks for the tips :)

Bella Signature Design on 11:45 PM

You must must must go to Cha Cha Cha - it's the most amazing, yummy restaurant/bar - at the very end of Haight street in the city, next to the park - is the one place I always go when I come back to SF (I went to grad school there) they literally have vats of sangria, and the food (south american) is to die for! Fun shopping along Haight too, so you can't go wrong!

Bella Signature Design

juliette c. on 7:31 AM

I am never been in Oklaoma. I live in Milan, so when you will come here please please please contact me :-)

Kelley Lewis Venturo on 1:09 PM

These photos are amazing! Thank you for sharing! Hope you have a nice trip...,

(I majored in Anthropology with a minor in Archaeology in New York. Tell your sister best of luck to her, I sometimes wish I had stuck with it!)

Kelley Venturo

s p i f f e e on 2:14 PM

sketch ice cream on 4th in berkeley ... the best ice cream ever

M and M Wedding on 1:10 PM

I hope you had a good trip. I am a little behind on cheeking my regular blogs. I am also pursuing a PhD in archaeology. So as your sister understands, we grad students don't have alot of extra time for more fun things.

Kim King Smith on 8:49 AM

Love the candy bar idea. Wonderful alternative for those who don't enjoy cake!