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they've got us pegged (or pinned?)

I laughed out loud when I saw that first set of buttons. I had just settled down to blog after carving a pumpkin and sketching out my dog's homemade Halloween costume, Dell was sitting next to me crankin out PHP on his laptop. I'm pretty sure these buttons were made for us. The others would be adorable as an engagement gift! Button Empire also has some other adorable and/or hilarious button options that might work well for favors. Check 'em out!


Bridechka on 11:10 AM

These are so great! The first set is perfect (my Hubs to be is a total dork and I love it)

Mrs. Designher on 1:00 PM

Those two top buttons couldn't be any more perfect for my husband and I. Oh my goodness!! He would just totally laugh at that! :)

lt on 6:37 AM

I bought some of these yesterday! Love them!

Joanna Goddard on 9:20 AM

adorable :)

blue moss on 4:25 PM

love the first just makes me happy..thanks for sharing

Asian Dolls on 3:42 PM

These pins are great!

Melinda Ledbetter on 9:34 PM

I agree buttons are a great idea for showers as well.