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I hope everyone had a good long weekend! We had a great day on Saturday wandering around Providence checking out our local design stores, something I've been dying to do but haven't gotten around to. Butterfield was one of my favorites, a place where seemingly everything was something I want now or wanted at some point in the past. Someplace I'll be going to again, for sure!
In the mean time, I wanted to share the amazing chic knits I came across over at Fringe via Perfectbound. Wouldn't these be amazing for a winter wedding? I've never seen so much drama in a cover up!


Ashley L. on 3:53 PM

i love these! :)
i have been in search of a cozy scarf to cuddle up with for the chilly months ahead!

thank you for the inspiration!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 11:01 AM

These are beautiful and perfect for a chilly day! I would love to see something like this in a winter wedding! So beautiful and chic!