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four years and counting

Four years ago yesterday, me and this guy got hitched in a loft in Hell's Kitchen, surrounded by all our friends and family. It's hard to put into words what he means to me. He's the cream in my coffee, the ketchup on my fries, the warmth of my favorite sweatshirt. He's all the good stuff.
The photo was taken on our one year anniversary, at a place called Mohonk in New Paltz, NY. Not sure why I never posted about that place before, but if you're looking for an amazing weekend getaway this fall, this is the place! As you can see, it's an enormous, crazy, eleborate, Victorian hotel nestled into a rocky mountain top, next to a pristine lake in the middle of leaf peeper's paradise. It's pretty cool.


Anonymous on 10:28 AM

Aww...Mohonk is where I got engaged - at the clearing when you get out of the rock scramble :) Great place!

The Dutchess of Kickball on 10:46 AM

I used to work there in college. It is an amazing place!

kelly on 10:59 AM

We share the exact same anniversary! Congrats :)

Mackenzie on 11:07 AM

Thanks Kelly, congratulations to you too!

Krista on 1:46 PM


Jeni from Kansas on 9:52 PM

I have only been to the Buffalo area of New York, but if I were to go back...I think this is where I would like to be. My God it is gorgeous.

Rona's Home Page on 8:40 AM

My husband and I are renewing our wedding vows today, after 12 years of marriage, raising a 16 year old son and working together for a year it just keeps getting better and better.

Even the bad times were good because we got through it as a couple and a family.

Inspired Events by Nycia on 5:17 PM

CONGRATULATIONS!!! What beautiful scenery!!

Anonymous on 9:12 PM

Congratulations :) I actually just wrote a story about Mohonk for the magazine I work for, Victoria. ( Beautiful place!

JudithG on 5:52 AM


thebubbreport on 10:09 PM

That place looks so incredibly beautiful. I remember studying it in an architecture class.

spindle on 8:16 PM

Wow, it's really gorgeous.