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My friend Deirdre sent me this link and I thought I'd share it because so many people have asked me for up-do resources. The stylist is Johnny Lavoy from Ford Artists, and he has a series of how-to videos on easy up-dos that you and a friend could pull off for your wedding with a little practice. That's $300 you would have spent on a hair stylist saved for something else! Yay!


Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 8:14 AM

What a fantastic post! This is such an excellent idea. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous on 1:48 PM

he made it look SO easy on the video. i'd love to have him come do my hair for my wedding in ten minutes flat --

Joanna Goddard on 9:20 AM


Anonymous on 9:26 AM

There's another great how-to video on You Tube from Ford Artists for an up-in-front, down-in-back, Brigitte Bardot look. The stylist is Jennifer Brent, and the video is called, "How to tease a Brigitte Bardot hairstyle."

Wedding Castle on 11:08 AM

Wow and he did make it look so simple. Oh to have lots of hair - I just got my long locks cut into a bob.