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jenny yoo

If you're lucky enough to be in Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York this October you can get a sneak peek (and a big discount) at Jenny Yoo's 2009 collection. Here for the details!


andrea on 9:08 PM

Love the second dress! Very cool.

Allison aka HaselBride on 9:19 PM

That second dress is perfection! Wish I could wear that for an event I have coming up.

erin on 10:58 PM

Oooooh...I'll take one of each!

Weddingish on 6:30 PM

Jenny Yoo designs are simple yet chic- not your typical bridesmaid dress!

Anna on 6:50 PM

I love that second dress too (although maybe not in that particular shade of pink). Wish I was going to be a bridesmaid so i could wear it! I like 1 and 4 too - but doesn't 3 seem like it would be unflattering to all but the narrowest of hips?

svadba on 1:00 PM

yes, second one is gorgeous