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which goose

Love these dramatic hair accessories from Which Goose on Etsy. They have such a unique 1920's flair, while still seeming very modern and unique. The yellow flowers are my favorite!
On a completely different note- I'm headed back home to Rhode Island tomorrow morning and while I'm sad to be leaving my sister behind and I had a fantastic trip, I'm anxious to get back home. My poor little puppy Shorty ate a piece or two of sugar-less gum this afternoon, and after much Googling, my husband found out that this is actually really poisonous for dogs. While I'm sure Dell has everything under control, I'm worried about the little guy and so far from home I feel like there's nothing I can do. Anyone with a dog, please be careful with any gum that contains Xylitol (Orbitz, among others). It can be very harmful to dogs.


Art of Dealing on 4:26 AM

How scary -- I hope your puppy is okay!! Also hope you have a safe trip home.


Courtney on 6:22 AM

I had only recently heard of the dangers of sugar-free gum (for dogs,) and hopefully, word continues to spread so curious pups who ingest it can get any needed treatment and care.

I so hope that your pup is ok! How very scary!

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 10:58 AM

These hair pieces are so gorgeous and chic! I love that hair pieces are becoming so popular. These are truly fantastic. I hope your pup is ok!

Ashley L. on 12:38 PM

OH! Those are SOOOO pretty! I love love love this post!

Krista on 1:41 PM

Those hats are gorgeous. I hope your doggy is okay!

juliette c. on 2:26 PM

In italian we say 'splendido'!!!!