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the vintage lineup

I love coming across new vintage sources. The best and worst thing about vintage boutiques is that while they might have a ton of great stuff one day, but it's all gone the next and new stuff is in it's place. There's no time to hem and haw, if you like something, you must pounce! This is why it's nice to have a line up of great sources, so that if you miss the boat on something great, you have other hunting grounds to explore. Found a new stop! Posh Girl Vintage.


Peonies and Polaroids on 7:11 AM

That jacket is gorgeous! I love vintage clothing but I've never managed to buy any that has worked. I'm not brave (or rich) enough to take the plunge online!

JudithG on 7:49 PM

The button down dress is awesome! If I had that waistline I'd never want to take the dress off!