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hot stuff, black halo

"Hot" is how I might describe a Black Halo dress (in a totally chic, couture kind of way). Amazing shapes, gorgeous colors, and so sophisticated! I would love to see a chic winter wedding where the bridesmaids were all in polished Black Halo dresses in different jewel tones. It'd be like a page right out of Vogue!


JudithG on 5:54 AM

Those are so amazing! So classy spiced with edge.

Does the Dress Fit on 9:02 PM

Those dresses are beautiful and perfect for the dinner.

Kirstin @ Southern Weddings on 9:26 PM

Agreed. Those dresses are very chic and would look amazing in a wedding. Jewel tones are so gorgeous.

Teresa on 1:11 PM

so classy. i adore these!