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what i would wear if i were a princess...

Stunning, elegant, over-the-top, feminine Marchesa (spring 09, ready-to-wear). Love them all.


Amanda Auer on 11:41 PM

Bottom middle and bottom right. Those two are INSANE. I want to be wearing them, currently, with her body, too!!

Helen on 4:36 AM

I'm sending back my wedding dress, removing a few ribs and getting me that frock AMAZING

a london bride on 5:54 AM

Oh my, these are so beautiful. Both of the top ones are fabulous... Something to dream about for the rest of today.

*Michelle on 10:14 AM

The top and bottom right dresses:... umm.. whats with the giant amount of extra fabric at the hip? The top one looks like it was a BEAUTIFUL bedsheet that someone made into a last minute toga style dress. Oh well. I guess I'll just never "get" fashion.

Pretty Bride on 10:46 AM

how great would the gold dress (bottom middle) be to change into for a fancy reception... i love it!

Jessica Viker on 3:33 PM

Gorgeous dresses!

But the models look moments from death! My god!

It loses something for me when I get concentration camp picture flashbacks when I'm looking at designers' collections!

Teresa on 10:23 PM

First dress, second row... to.die.for!
I loved the Marchesa designer when I saw her on Project Runway this season. Fab!

laura on 11:11 PM

the bottom middle is my dream court house wedding dress.

Hip Hostess on 12:47 PM

I need a excuse to wear these in my everyday them!

Piper Jacquelyn on 10:16 AM

The second dress in the black/white print reminds me of what Audrey Hepburn wore to the party in Sabrina - I love it! They're all so amazing...

tileb on 2:13 PM

The dresses are to be dying for but the models...oh my!!! they are deadly skinny!!! Do they eat everyday?

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 11:06 AM

I adore that black dress! It looks so perfect! These are such beautiful designs and I love the fantastic use of silhouette and pattern. on 6:35 PM

Wow! I've never seen anything like that before. Very pretty actually.

Melinda Ledbetter on 9:21 PM

Bottom middle is absolutely perfect! I love it wedding or no wedding.