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We're having crappy weather here today, wind, rain, cold... typical New England. I have to confess, I secretly love it. I love the coziness of it all. My favorite thing to do is camp out on the couch with the dog and a blanket and surf. I find the best stuff when the weather is bad!
These are all Vera Wang, and they're all at least 40% off over at Bluefly. The gray one is my favorite, (I think I'd carry a yellow purse). The yellow and the gray together would be adorable on a small bridal party.


Mariana on 11:14 PM

may i say i just adore your blog??? and i live in brazil, almost another planet... :D

Jersey Girl in DC on 12:06 AM

I really love the shape of both the yellow and gray. I think both would be flattering on a range of body types and would make great bridesmaid dresses (which look like something they could really wear again).

Bridechka on 11:38 AM

I really like the one in the center... its got a real sex appeal to it.

perfect bound on 3:15 PM

I want to love Vera but I think she's jumped off the deep end a bit with her Kohl's line and some of her new bridal gowns. Just a thought.

Madelyn @ Southern Weddings on 7:15 PM

I love all of these dresses! They are so elegant and fabulous! The colors and silhouettes of each are absolutely outstanding!