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everyone loves butter

I think one of the best things in the world has to be comfortable clothes that make you feel really attractive. Sure, anyone can pull together something cute, but feeling like you're in your pajamas at the same time? That's impressive. I've posted about Butter by Nadia before, and her amazing wrap dresses. I have one and it was one of the best purchases I've ever made, I absolutely love it. Her new line for spring and summer has a fun selection of stripes and solids in red, navy, black and white - short and long. All can be wrapped in about 22 different ways. Looking for happy bridesmaids? Send them here.


Stephanie on 10:40 PM

Love it! But I can't find the long gray one online...any idea? It's a must have!

Anonymous on 7:58 AM

I think that wrap dress might be considered...a must have.

Mackenzie on 9:19 AM

The gray one can be seen on the Butter site, (it's flash, so I can't link directly to it), it's in the Spring/Summer collection. Since the collection is new, you might have to call Butter to find out where to buy it online.

Anonymous on 10:12 AM

I want the striped one in the middle! So beautiful! I really adore the fact that each dress can look different while still remaining the same garment. Wonderful!

{duet} on 4:36 PM

These dresses are completely brilliant! I agree that they are a must-have!

Darling Dexter on 9:52 AM

Wrap me up! This is a must-have for sure..

Georgia on 5:20 PM

just bought one, thanks guys

Dani @ Weddings Fresh on 6:46 PM

those are do die for! on 8:39 PM

Now those are my kind of dresses!

Anonymous on 2:11 PM

Wow I have never seen these dresses before! I am going to have to go find one for myself. Thanks for the tip!

Anonymous on 5:58 PM

WOW!!! I want them all!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Erin on 7:27 PM

Hmm, think they'd work for pregnancy as well? I'll be 6 months pregnant at a wedding this summer and would love to find something not too maternity-y.