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I linked to KEP thru one of my favorite new reads, Fly. Love the beads! I feel like I need a crisp, belted shirt-dress and a pair of big shades to really rock these to the fullest. Perhaps maybe a sheath with a big pattern? Perhaps a shopping trip is in order?


Big Shot on 1:37 AM cute.

Rebecca on 7:17 AM

Love that last necklace on the right! Very 1950's, or 60's.

Guilty Secret on 11:01 AM

I have a crisp, belted shirt dress and a pair of big shades... now I seriously need some of these beads!

Michele on 6:16 PM

A friend at work sent me Fly. Great stuff on there :)

christine@wishpot on 3:06 PM

I love retro looking stuff! Fab.

Judith George on 8:35 PM

Thanks for sharing you new read Fly. I love it!

Anonymous on 12:36 PM

adorable and totally retro. fabulous

Eliz on 10:10 AM

I love the retro look, especially of the last necklace so so adorable! Also another great website for wedding jewelry and gift ideas is Premium Pearl, totally worth checking out!

Anonymous on 2:38 PM

I love this...but I've come across amazing things from a company called reilly & Me. I'm not sure if they have a web site yet but they do stunning work that is great for wedding party gifts etc....they are amazing! I think it's started by Diane Reilly...Maybe google her and see. I think she also sells a separate line on HSN...