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gumdrops? no, cookies.

Love these stylish little cookies from Gumdrop Cookie Shop. Their vanilla sugar cookies come frosted in a variety of pretty patterns, or you can have some custom made to suite your wedding theme. They'll make perfect little favors or a stunning tray on the dessert buffet.


Dana on 1:14 PM

They look yummy.

teardropweddings on 4:27 PM sweet and simple!

missanna on 7:36 PM

pooh, just a few months to late... these would have been beyond perfect.

and yes, continue to check out your blog daily even though i am now a mrs.

peace and always up for new lovelies

Anonymous on 10:01 AM

looks like they also do custom decorated cookies - how nice!

Events by Evonne, LLC on 5:26 AM

Hmmm... they look yummy!

Dahlia's Day on 4:23 PM
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