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Something about Erica O'Brien's cakes just sing to the graphic designer in me. These are two of my new favorites, but all of her cakes are so creative and different. If you're in the Long Beach, California, lucky you!


laura on 11:00 PM

hmmm, I don't know about the black cake, it looks beautiful, but i wouldn't want to eat it...

charms on 9:38 AM

ooh very cool! i love the lotus cake featured on her website. i grew up very near to long beach so i might actually be able to use her - thanks for the heads up!

Blablover5 on 9:39 AM

I love the black one (though I wouldn't eat it either as I hate fondant).

We're hoping to have a black cake with chocolate buttercream. My guy is worried about peoples reactions to a black cake but I don't get the big deal. Black is still elegant right ;)

LuckyLucyChance on 9:43 AM

Wow, the first one is stunning, I wouldn't want to eat it!

To You A Favor on 11:43 PM

I really like the black cake, very interesting. I am not crazy about roll fondant either but they make beautiful presentations.

Christie on 11:18 PM

I used the invites (from wedding paper divas) that match the cake on the right! I'm seriously considering asking our baker to copy that now...

For those of you who don't like fondant (I don't either), there is a recipe for marshmallow fondant that is supposed to look similar and taste much better.


Madelyn @ Southern Wedding Style on 10:00 PM

I love these cakes! They are absolutely breathtaking.

Anonymous on 6:10 AM

I love this blog, and even my fiancee always loves what you put up. He's a pastry chef so i put this in under the cakes....