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Today! Today is the day Kenzie Kate Invitations will be featured on Today! All my friends and family with TiVo or DVR are under strict orders to record between the hours of 7 and 10 AM, just in case I happen to miss it. Although, I can't for the life of me imagine why I would miss it. It's The TODAY Show! I'm not missing it. I think they are going to feature the Palm Springs, but I guess I'll just have to tune in to find out!


Bee on 11:39 PM

woohoo congrats mackenzie!!!! you deserve it! :)

Laura on 12:04 AM

YAAH congrats!!!! that is HUGE!

Kayla Sheeley on 1:30 AM

Congrats, that is so cool! Your invites are really beautiful and so are your sketches. You should really show them off more often.


liene at blue orchid designs on 9:27 AM

congrats!!! So excited for you!

Deirdre Gill on 9:53 AM

Crap, I overslept. Is it going to be online?

Mrs. Designher on 10:06 AM

Ohh YAY!! How super exciting for you!! I can only imagine the feeling you have right now!! You go girl! :)

Dani Ross on 10:08 AM

congratulations! i'm on the west coast, but i am watching it right now, i'm excited to see it.

Anonymous on 10:47 AM

Congrats! You certainly deserve it! How wonderful!

debra on 2:28 PM

the palm springs is my own favorite of all of your designs - i hope it gets center stage! and congratulations!

Darci on 3:26 PM

How fantastic and well deserved! Congrats to you!

gift girl on 7:41 PM

That is soo awesome! Congrats!

Anonymous on 8:46 PM

That's awesome! And soooo well deserved!

Donna on 10:33 AM

That's so cool! congrats!!

JustJules on 11:30 AM

I LOVE the new Palm Springs set. Do you customize colors? And a BIG Congrats on the Today Show hit! Being in PR, I know you must have something pretty special to secure an interview like that. Well done!

Dynamite Weddings on 3:59 PM

Congrats! That is amazing! I will have to pull my TiVo history and watch it. You're a rockstar!

candy on 8:33 PM

congratulation! u r a star!