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sweet tooth, continued

Not that we've been at a loss for cookies around here lately, but I came across these via Love Made Visible, and I couldn't resist. I can't get over how precise and perfect the lettering is! How the heck do they do that? From Meli & Angie in NYC. If you're in the tristate area and are in need of some sweet little favors give them a ring!
In the mean time, Saro has been looking for an indie company that makes macarons for wedding favors... Anyone?


Tim & MyLyn Wood on 12:52 PM

i love these! they are simple & chic.

critsey rowe on 9:35 AM

What great party favors! They are so cute and they look tasty too! ; )

Lara on 11:20 AM

If you live in the Dallas TX area, there is a lovely little indie shop called Rush patisserie that makes nation-wide renowned French Macarons. They are a bit pricey, but are melt in your mouth, bon-bon, delicious. Warning to southerners - they melt in the humidity here, so don't keep them longer than a day!

Chelsea on 10:53 AM

I found the best selection of favor boxes, perfect for cookies. Browse all the different styles at