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More great steals over at Nordstroms. I love the Grecian style one, it reminds me of the Marchesa gown Jennifer Lopez wore to the Oscars. The short little ruffle dress would be great for a casual courthouse affair or a chic loft event. I'm seeing cala lilies...


Kathryn on 10:41 PM

The short ruffled one is fabulous! I may have to include it in my next set of budget-friendly weddings!

jozette on 11:49 AM

Holy Moly - I love that ruffled wrap dress. Like - I'm drooling. Wow.

Courtney on 9:04 PM

I know, I am SO IN LOVE with the short dress.

tiaraco on 6:55 AM

I love the short ruffles dress - for wedding or for play. I gave this dress and your blog a shout out on my blog -

Love your blog and your invitations!

Anonymous on 3:16 AM

The short ruffled wrap dress would be fabulous for a bridal shower!

ShopLittleGifts on 5:28 PM

very pretty. love the looks. definitely looks like the marchesa dress. very flowy, casual and elegant.