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jeanine payer

Something a little different to consider for your wedding band, from Jeanine Payer. Each has its own saying engraved into the surface. My favorite is the saying on the Infinity-G ring (above) "Quietly now, the dreams are sleeping now it is time to live." I love that. All available at Ylang, Ylang.


Brandi on 2:27 AM

I just checked out the website and love all of it! I especially love the inscription on the silver ring, "I give you my truth."

sarah on 1:53 PM

Also, you can have any Payer piece customized, she has hundreds of quotes you can choose from to put on most any of her pieces, also she can put your own photo is the precious lockets she makes. If you live in Austin, TX you can purchase Jeanine's beautiful trinkets at By George and the sales associates will help you to customized your order if you can't find a piece in stock that suits you.

ShopLittleGifts on 8:10 PM

pretty! love the engraving. makes such a difference - very personal+meaningful. plus i like how they let you engrave a whole phrase. v cute.