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In the mean time... Sergio Rossi and his shoes need your attention. They are too cute to be ignored. Perhaps you will take them to a party?



futuremrsjones on 3:05 AM

I love, love, love those peep toes! Adorable.

Lindsey Elisabeth on 8:38 AM

Wow! I love those blue green ones! Too bad the weddings on the beach. LOVE those though!

Sew Bettie on 8:55 AM

I love the shoes in the top pic!

ShopLittleGifts on 12:35 PM

beautiful! love the turquoise blue with the pom poms. sergio rossi makes the best shoes. those would look so good with summer dresses.

Anna on 9:08 PM

How cute would you feel with a pair of those green shoes under your wedding dress!
Love the peep toes too..Mmmm

Crystal on 4:56 PM

where can i get these??