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bubble hem

The bubble hem is one of those things that doesn't make sense on paper, but is magic in real life. I love the full skirt in combo with the empire waist! The green would be sublime for a rehearsal or a bridesmaid's dress. I found both at this little gem of an online clothing shop, Scarpe, during my online weekend exploits (trying to escape the brutal heat). If you're in the Northeast today, think cool thoughts! We're going to need them.


Dubbs on 12:44 AM

that green one sure does carry a bit of magic with it!

Sara on 7:16 AM

Really? I think the bubble hem is one of the silliest looking trends. Especially in wedding dresses. Just buy a hoop or a crinoline for heaven's sake for fullness! Or a mermaid style skirt.

Meghan B. on 7:54 AM

a hoop? On an empire waist dress? I'm not sure that would work. I like the bubble hem in a more casual dress, like these.

laura on 12:21 PM

I agree that I'm not a fan of the bubble hem for a wedding dress, but i absolutely love it for bridesmaids...
If only my bridesmaids felt the same :(

gift girl on 2:13 PM

I loove the green one- the thing with this style of stress is that it doesn't really work on everyone-but if you can pull it off va va voom!

Carrie on 2:38 PM

Love the green one!

LuckyLucyChance on 10:31 AM

What a find! The site and the dresses, love that green one.

Anonymous on 1:47 PM

Sorry, but I don't get these at all. They look totally unsophisticated to me, like dresses for 3-year-olds.

marla on 2:41 PM

that green dress in ivory with a peep-toe pump in red? yes, please!

but of course i'm definitely not a "traditional" type of chicky.

by the way, just wanted to let you know that you are officially my hero in the wedding inspiration department.

Christy on 5:52 PM

Ooohhh! I love bubble hems! So cute!

Anonymous on 3:54 PM

BTW - saw the black Laundry dress featured here at Marshalls last week for $130!

Anonymous on 10:57 AM

I am buying a bubble hem wedding dress and think they capture the modern and the traditional princess style dress perfectly. They are MUCH more comfortable than a hoop for a wedding day too.

karinlynn36 on 5:52 PM

LOVE bubble hems. You gotta have the body for it or it's not going to look right. Probably why some people don't like them... they can't pull them off!