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variations on a theme

Can't you just picture your closest friends and your sisters in these dresses? I'm thinking they would be a perfect mix-and-match set for some very chic bridesmaids. All from Anthropologie, all under $200 each.

6 comments: on 8:52 AM

Those dresses are great - love how they all flow together but are different.

Madelyn @ Southern Wedding Style on 9:05 AM

I love the mix and match concept. This way each bridesmaid could express her own individuality. I LOVE the last cute!

megan on 2:51 AM

good eye!!! this would be fantastic for bridesmaids! I love this idea.

Emily: on 8:56 AM

these actually ARE my bridesmaid dresses! my six girls are wearing the dress on the far right with the green sash, except we are swapping out the green for a grey sash to coordinate better with our color scheme (pink and grey). you can read my post on these dresses here:

Holly Havenhill on 12:41 AM

oooohhh... love those dresses... love anthropologie...

Janet on 7:36 PM

Anyone know where I can find the white dress with the black flowers on it, or any other white dress with a black pattern on it? I want the girls in white but would like a pattern as well and am having a hard time finding this. Thanks!