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one girl, lots of cookies

I stumbled across One Girl Cookies in my travels today and fell in love with her adorable favor presentations. Little did I know she's based right in my old backyard in Brooklyn. As much as I love Providence so far, I haven't got my local chops up enough yet to support my new local vendors. So I'll support my old local vendors.


critsey rowe on 6:22 AM

I love the mini cake adorable!!

Sandra on 10:28 AM

I love your blog, you post the most beautiful things.

Random comment - I was reading your latest entry this morning and my fiance Keith Nedell) walked by and said "I know her - we went to school together!". What a small world.

Insight, Insanity, Imagination on 12:19 PM

How adorable! I'm loving the box with the photos wrapped around it. So cute!

Anonymous on 1:49 PM

The cookies (all of them) are insanely delicious and addicting!!

gift girl on 6:33 PM

c is for cookie and these are cookie-tastic!

My Sweet & Saucy on 8:05 PM

Love your blog! All your ideas are too cute! Great find with Erica O'brien too...we sometimes collaborate together and she is amazing!

kristin @ the fairmount bride on 9:46 PM

What great ideas! They look delicious.

Mackenzie on 8:34 PM

Hey Sandra!
It IS a small world! Not only did we go to school together, we lived on the same street! Tell Keith I said hello!