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This looks amazing right now! I'm adding the Dwell Studio Chinoiserie Pearl Bedding to my wishlist, and thinking you might want to add it to your registry. Design Public offers a ton of amazing decor stuff, along with a registry service to make asking for it that much easier.



Mrs. Designher on 12:14 AM

::::Drools right along side of you ::::

Helen on 4:15 AM

Holy Hell. My registry has just opened but I feel an email to my registry coordinator coming on immediately. The Birds! Oh the Birds!

Beanorama on 9:17 AM

I have the Dwell Studio hedgerow bedding. And it is lovely. Except not black cat-hair friendly. Sigh... all my design dreams thwarted by my cat.

Claudia on 9:19 AM

Hi! Did you know Target on line carries Dwell? Happy Shopping, Claudia from the Wedding Library

trinja on 8:59 PM

so so lovely