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i'm ashamed to admit...

This is not a glamorous post. I don't really have any shiny photos or appealing visuals. Mostly, I'm passing on info about this service (not because I've tried it) but because... (true confession alert)... I have been married for more than three years, and my own name is still not completely clear to me. I'm Ms. Law (my maiden name) when I fly to Canada. Mrs. Sala when I drive my car. Ms. Law gets calls from telemarketers all the time. Mrs. Sala gets mortgage bills. Ms. Law gets all my Syracuse alumni mail. Mrs. Sala owns the car, but it's paid for by Ms. Law's credit card. This has been going on for 3 years. 3 years people! I'm sure I could get it all done in a week, I'm sure it would be "easy". But at this point, I'm just totally intimidated by all the paper work. Looking back on my own experience, it might have been worth it to order a service just to have something that tells you what to do and when to do it. Just paying money for the service might have compelled me to get it done. If anyone has a chance to try this service (Maiden Name, please let us know how it goes. Those of us* (*read "me") who have no service? We have stalled.


Em on 4:38 AM

Oh, I wonder if there's any similar service in Scandinavia. Sounds like a good idea.

Brenda on 7:39 AM

I can completely relate - I've been married for 5 years and haven't made the name change yet either - I keep stalling for some unknown reason - probably because of the time it will take to contact all the billing companies, etc to alert them of the name change. I'm always using my "new" name (maiden name plus my hubbie's last name) for postal mailings, social events, etc. I even have a gift certificate from (another online name change service), but, yet I still haven't completed the process. Glad to know I’m not the only one :)

ashley on 8:30 AM

I got married this past May and signed up for a few months later. Don't be too impressed b/c while I've changed my social security card and drivers license, I still have everything else to do. These websites make the process easier by providing all the forms you will need in one place and giving you the web addresses for everything they can't provide. They also generate form letters that you can send to your credit card companies, etc., for those kinds of changes. However, you still have to commit a few hours to actually get yourself organized, figure out everywhere you need to change your name, get their address, fax number, while it will be easier than attempting to make the change on your own, it still takes some time. I've put finishing this up on my to do list every weekend for the last month...maybe this weekend will be the one! Thanks so much for the great site (which I still check daily even though I got married months ago)!

Chrys on 10:22 AM

Lol, I've been married 8 years and still haven't got it all right. I kept my maiden name as a middle name so legally my name is Crystal Anne Smith Jones (not real names, but same idea). I'm Crystal Anne Smith on my SSN card, Crystal Anne Smith-Jones on my health card, Crystal Anne Jones on my driver's license and Crystal Anne Smith Jones on my cc and bank accounts, lol. One of these days I really should get those all fixed.

Mrs. Designher on 11:25 AM

My 1 year anniversary is coming up and my husband says the gift he wants is to see my new drivers license. ha ha :)

Anonymous on 2:45 PM

I haven't been married too long, but my reason isn't entirely due to lazineness, but because of my partial relunctance to completely strip myself from my maiden name. My married name is on my marriage licesnse and on my mortgage payment, as well as in some correspondance, but everything else has my maiden name on it. I will give it some time to see how it pans out and maybe I will warm up to the idea more and just get everything changed.

Monica Rae on 9:43 PM

Oh wow, I thought I was the only one. :-)

My husband got my new social security card for our one year anniversary. I thought it was going to be this awful process, but it took all of 2 minutes at the SSA. Ha! But then there's the DMV...

Anonymous on 4:16 AM

OMG! I'm the same way! I'm going on 3 years, and while the SS card and paychecks have my married name everything else still has my maiden name. I can't tell if I'm lazy, or just frightened about the paperwork.

Pam on 1:03 PM

Hi everyone, this is Pam from MaidenNameChange. Thanks to everyone for your comments. For those of you that are skeptical, I understand your concerns and would like to address them.

There is MissNowMrs and also kits out there that just provide you with government forms. But to me, they are not comprehensive and did not help me when it was time for me to go through my name change. goes beyond helping you fill out forms. We help you with everything which includes all the little things like handling your Mileage Plus accounts, PayPal, updating banks, insurance, doctor offices etc of your name change. We also help you build a personalized “to do” list based on your specific and we equip you with phone numbers, addresses, and time-saving tips & tricks that other brides and I picked up along the way.

Yes, in the end you still have to do some legwork like going to the DMV yourself—but that is only a fraction of the total time you will wind up spending on your name change.

Thanks for letting me chime in; if you have any q’s please don’t hestitate to drop me a line.

Katie on 7:54 PM

I'm keeping my own name.

"Problem" solved.

ashley on 9:19 AM

Just wanted to report back that after reading Pam's comment I signed up for MaidenNameChange and got through all of the forms and letters that I'd been dreading for so long (while watching the Super Bowl, no less). It really is a great service! Thanks!

TIL on 4:50 PM

This is too funny. I honestly laughed out loud reading this. It took me 7 years to tackle the project of switching my name. I dreaded it...dreaded it. After about 3 months all parties involved including credit cards, etc. finally got it right. I still use the 'ol maiden name though when I go out!

Pearl on 12:49 PM

My cousin sent me a link to this free name change site. She said it worked out great, so I'm probably going use them.