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I stumbled across Estate Diamond by accident, and found some of the most beautiful engagement ring settings I have ever seen. I absolutely love the setting with the Asscher cut diamond on the left hand side. The princess cut one, surrounded by the sapphires is also just amazing. Granted, if it were me, I might not want quite such an enormous diamond. I might even substitute the diamond in some of these settings for something else. An aquamarine? A sapphire? A citrine? I can't imagine any stone looking bad!


Kelly on 9:40 AM

these are stunning. i'd be over the moon to receive any one of them!

Pencils on 11:05 AM

Those are some amazing settings. I adore that aquamarine in the bottom right corner. So beautiful. It's an amazing shade of blue, also. I still like mine better, though! (My engagement ring is a vintage round aquamarine surrounded by diamonds, set in platinum. Not as valuable as that ring, but lovely and unique.)

I do seem to remember, from when I was shopping for engagement rings, that this site is rather overpriced. It is, of course, difficult to put a value on such unique rings, but readers should realize that there are no bargains to be found there. Just gorgeous jewelry. Check out the peridot rings--I didn't know they even came in that shade of green!

Calie Anderson, C.I.D. on 10:04 PM

Wow! I'm drooling! The aquamarine one is incredible.

Always Fabulous Events on 8:16 PM

I'm blinded by the bling and yet, I want them all.

michaela on 4:14 AM

These are stunning. (PS, isn't princess square cut? If so, I think the sapphire surrounded on is a brilliant cut)

LaurenAlane on 6:04 PM

it stinks that us girls can only have one wedding ring! i wish i could alternate between these :)

BellaBella on 1:56 PM

These are stunning! You could substitute these with a white topaz with incredible results as well as a white sapphire, it's not "cheating" it's being unique. You'd have the same effect as a diamond but you could still afford a house and a vacation (or two, or three..)

Christy on 4:55 PM

OMG is right! I'm a sucker for antique jewelry- these are knockouts! I'm in love!

Anonymous on 12:11 AM

I am a huge fan of antique jewelry, and my engagement ring is 100 years old, reminiscent of the one with the sapphires around the outside. There is something very timeless about an old setting.
If you like these, you should check out for LOTS more estate and inspired engagement and wedding rings.

Joanna Goddard on 3:33 PM

beautiful! i love the idea of a sapphire....

Ashley L. on 3:26 PM

third one down on the right is my dream ring! thank you for sharing! :)