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Gorgeous jewelry over at Raul Frisneda Jewelry. My favorites are the earrings, no wait, the bracelet. No! Wait! The ring. It's the ring. Who cares, they're all amazing. They leave me wishing for an occasion for dressing in jewels.
That reminds me. Today, is a very special day. Today is the LOST premiere. I'm a total LOST junkie. So much so that whenever I type LOST, I must use all CAPS, like in the logo... LOST! I must admit that the event is bittersweet. When we lived in Brooklyn I would host "LOST Night" every Wednesday. My friends would all come over and I would make dinner. It was the highlight of my week. Now that we're in Rhode Island, and my dear friends are far far away, LOST Night is sure to be a little sad. Luckily I have Sawyer to distract me from all the sadness.


SC on 11:25 PM

Wow, that jewellry is GORGEOUS! I love it! Thanks for sharing it!