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vintage style, totally modern appeal

Whirling Turban, (the designer of these gorgeous custom wedding gowns) calls them "vintage style", but I really feel that they're totally chic and relevant for right now. Rather than being theme-y, they're simple, glamorous, flattering... everything you would want in an entirely modern wedding gown. I love that you can choose your own fabric to make any of their many silhouettes more or less formal. How elegant is the one on the right in the brocade silk? Wow. And the price? Also wow. Check it out.


Anonymous on 3:11 AM

THIS is a find. Those designs practically makes me want to cry with all their real-woman flattering goodness.

You could almost justify a whole wardrobe. And the funny looks when you suddenly switch from sweatshirt and paint-stained jeans to vampy shoes + retro sheaths at the corner store.

Now if only I could order a "defined midriff."

kate altmix on 8:40 PM

Oh how i wish i could rewind the last three months and get married in one of these amazing dresses! Great find, thank you for sharing!

Also, your blog is my new fave!

Pencils on 10:28 AM

Their dresses are gorgeous, especially for those of us with hourglass figures. I nearly had one made to wear on my honeymoon as a dinner dress, but they didn't have any fabric I loved at the time, and since then I've put on a little weight. (Ahem.) I do plan on buying one of their dresses once I get back to my fighting weight. They custom make each dress, then keep your measurements (or a muslin, even) on file so it doesn't cost as much for the next dress.

Joanna Goddard on 12:44 PM

WOW these are amazing. i love vintage looks. thank you SO much for this find!!

Aggie on 3:18 PM

These just breath-taking. BTW, love your blog.

liliya on 5:45 PM

5 Star Unique Alterations
1602 Quentin rd(rear office)
Brooklyn NY 11229
1718 677 0609

5 Star Unique Alterations is a full-scale tailoring and dressmaking business and a retailer of bridal and formal gown fashion (bridesmaid, prom, mother-of-the-bride and so on).

The owners are graduates of a fashion and design institute and have been in business for close to two decades. They take pride in their work and are willing to take on all kinds of challenges - correcting the mistakes of other tailoring establishments, custom design of almost any article of clothing and more.

Kim Calakoutis on 12:32 PM

Wow, Stunning!