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rosanna vases
We've received so many nice housewarming gifts since we've moved in to the new house. One of my favorites was this collection of five white vases by Rosanna (they also have a colored collection of the same vases). If you're looking for thoughtful off-registry wedding gift, a great item to add to your own registry, or just a treat for yourself, these are awesome. I love mine so much that if I know I'm having people over and we're going to be hanging out in the kitchen, I'll move them all to the kitchen. If we're going to be playing games in the living room, I'll bring them in there. They're like a traveling side show! I sort of wish I had a few sets so I didn't keep having to take them with me.


Pencils on 11:16 AM

Those are quite nice, although I like the colored ones better. I like colorful stuff. I received a set of Rosanna's teacups, a teapot, and a sugar and creamer at my bridal shower. I should have people over for tea so I can use them all at once. They're quite nice quality, and they come in very pretty gift boxes.

Darci on 2:28 PM

Love the white vases. Your "traveling side show" comment made me laugh out loud!

Allison on 12:00 PM

Love this store! What a great find!

CBB on 9:33 PM

Thanks for the thoughts. I am looking for that something right!

Denise on 9:35 PM

Love the vases! My girlfriends and I always end up in the kitchen too.

Ellen on 1:29 PM

I am in love with these -- I love the white and the colorful ones! I think everyone needs at least two sets -- one of each ;o)