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envelope dress up

Depending on your color scheme, these could be just the ticket to dress up your invitation envelopes. From, (you guessed it), Ms. Martha. I'm picturing them on a bright yellow envelope, a lavender one, or maybe even a celery color... The options are endless. Grey Cherish Labels, Martha Stewart.


Darci on 2:31 PM

Such a fantastic idea - and much easier to throw away a label that has a mistake on it than an entire envelope!

Helen on 7:14 AM

oh that is just what we needed but the stds have already gone out!! navy and white scheme, wanted navy envelopes but white labels look so naff so printed onto white envelopes but htey're a bit transparent so we're printing then hand lining in tissue!! Much more faff when Martha went and fixed the whole thing in one fell swoop!!
Thanks for the find, but a week too late!xx

Anonymous on 7:01 AM

Thank you for the labels, these are exactly what I was looking for! :)

perfect bound on 9:36 AM

I scoured Etsy for hours looking for something similar. I should have started with Martha. These are perfect.

Anonymous on 4:57 PM

I love labels, and am always looking for the newest shapes. I too, am preparing my invitations, and will use a similar label. One thing I love to do is place the label so it wraps around the left sid of the envelope, instead of placing it right in the middle. Either way, labels are in, don't be scared to use them.

Anonymous on 5:43 AM

Hi there,

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