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calypso wrap dress

I'm guessing that most people are enjoying their day off. I'm working a bit, trying to catch up on loose ends. I thought I would post about these gorgeous silk wrap dresses from Calypso. They come in so many amazing colors and wrap in a variety of ways (although this style is my favorite). I thought they could be a wearable/versatile bridesmaid's dress, while still having that really lush, silk look. They'd also be perfect for a rehearsal dinner dress, or a bridal shower. I love, love the coral color. Something about that color, I keep wanting to paint everything in the new house this color. I must... hold... back.


elizabeth @ elizabeth anne designs on 12:06 AM

this is gorgeous! and so flattering!

bridal buzz on 11:34 AM

this would be a lovely getaway dress too! The colors just remind me of vacation... ahh.

Monica Rae on 12:40 PM

I want one.

Anonymous on 6:40 PM

What a great dress to pack for the honeymoon!
Versatile, sexy, and it looks so comfortable as well!
I'll have to check out the wrapping alternatives, but this is lovely!

Christy on 3:29 PM

I have this dress in bright pink, and it is my absolute favorite! So flattering, so easy to wear, and soooo pretty. It makes me feel like a million bucks. Each season I think about getting another one in a new fab color. I highly recommend them to anyone!

We Get Wings on 12:48 AM

Oh my gosh! So beautiful! And perfect for our beach chic wedding! Snagging.

Oh, and did you notice similar styles are on sale for $95!

Bille on 4:11 PM

I have this dress in orchid, and the 3/4 length sleeve version in russet. They are on sale right now (if there are any left) so I ended up paying $56 with tax and shipping for one. I love em!

Elisabeth on 10:08 AM

can anyone tell how to tie this dress?

Sarah on 3:08 PM

I would love to know how to tie this too. I wore mine about a year ago and forget how to tie it.