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fancy odds, fancy ends

Maybe not all for the same wedding, but Neiman's has some beautiful wedding accessories if you're looking to splurge on something really special. That shawl would be just as beautiful on your grandaughter in fifty years as it would be on you. And those shoes? Hot, yet the peep toe makes them surprisingly demure. The red soles are all sass.


Laura Kay Photography on 3:38 PM

i just came across this blog today and i love the ideas! i am a wedding photographer but i love seeing the trends in weddings. SO FUN! thanks for sharing!

Ashley L. on 3:27 PM

i am obsessed with lace! these are such great finds! thank you so much for sharing! :)

Kim Calakoutis on 12:36 PM

I wish I had seen this BEFORE the wedding! I thought finding great accessories was tough!