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new invites, LAUNCHED!

I wanted to thank everyone for helping me name my new invitations! I must say that I had a really hard time choosing, you all had such great ideas!

Introducing the New Orleans! Thank you jane e. for suggesting the name for this one. We were so taken with the idea of naming one of our designs after the Crescent City, we decided to donate 10% of the profits from this design to The Green Project, a New Orleans based charity that promotes environmental sustainability in the rebuilding of the homes and businesses of New Orleans.

new invite 2
Next, the Casablanca! Thank you to Kate who recommend that name, which I think is a perfect combination of romance and exotic charm.

new invite 3

Next, the Oslo! Thanks to Meghan B. and bridget for coming up with that one. The pattern was inspired by Scandinavian folk art, so this was the perfect choice.

Last, but not least, the Palm Springs! We love the kitchy-classy combo of this invite, which was inspired by The Parker in Palm Springs, California (and was therefore, already named).


Jane E. on 11:35 AM

I love the idea of linking the "New Orleans" pattern with a donation to The Green Project!

thoughtfulday on 12:59 PM

I love your invites, I am in the process of designing my own, thanks for the inspiration! Especially love the Parker invites, I am a designer for Jonathan Adler and I love how you created a stationery suite inspired by the hotel!

sarah on 5:59 PM

Congrats, they're really lovely. I especially love the Palm Springs!

perfect bound on 3:51 PM

The Palm Springs is perfet. They all are. I love the little bit of orange in each one of the last three. Congrats!

mo on 6:52 PM

oohh, I love them all...something for everyone!
I love the elegant lushness of the New Orleans, the serene dignity of the Casablanca, the natural simplicity of the Oslo and the classy cool of the Palm Springs!
Well done!

Joanna Goddard on 10:39 PM

love the new orleans especially. great job! xo

Christy on 3:37 PM

Wow, you have done an incredible job! I love them all, the Palm Springs especially. It makes me so ready for spring and summer to roll back around! on 11:21 AM

love palm springs!! buttercup and steely gray are the in colors for 2008 weddings!