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patterned pump round up 08

Hey! It's next year! It's been so long! I hope everyone has had a relaxing holiday with your families. I know I did. There's been a major development since I blogged last, (no I'm not pregnant). Dell and I decided to get a puppy! We took several of those online "What Dog Breed is Right For Me?" tests, and they all told us to get an Italian Greyhound. They're said to have sweet temperments and they don't shed a lot, so we found a breeder nearby and went to visit her pack (including two newborn puppies). The dogs were amazingly cuddly and elegant and the puppies were the sweetest little chipmunks you've ever seen. We fell in love instantly. We don't get to take a puppy home until March, but we're very excited. I want to call him Niles. Or Paul. Dell wants to call him Boomer. We can't decide. We're looking for suggestions if you have any.
In the mean time, I will have to distract myself from the puppy-anticipation with online shoe shopping. It's actually quite fun, so I'm ok with it. I found these gorgeous patterned pumps fresh for spring over at Piperlime. The green metallic ones would be awesome underneath a long flowing gown in need of a little shimmer, while I think I would pair the Bettye Muller florals with a nice tea length garden-party dress with a full skirt. The Jessica Simpson black and white pumps are my favorite for a more casual look, and I think I'm really in love with that heel shape. At less than $100 a pair, these are also the shoes I'm most likely to actually own, which makes me like them more.


Anonymous on 12:42 PM

Maybe someday you can add a sibling through the greyhound adoption project right in Lincoln, RI. This program saves former racing dogs.

Anonymous on 3:46 PM

Loove the shoes .My altered art shoes have been selling like hotcakes and were posted on Ullabenulla's blog.Wow! my artwork was mentioned on Eco Chic Weddings! No snow in Boston! Happy New Year! Denise

Anonymous on 8:47 PM

I like Paulo, which means "small", or Alfonso(Fonzie for short), which means "noble and ready".

alice on 8:39 PM

i love the green metallic shoes! so super cute!

Moni on 4:45 PM

do you know of any adorable BLUE shoes for a wedding? I am having an awful time finding any.