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the painted cake

Karen from The Painted Cake was nice enough to email me these photos of her fantastic cakes. I love the black and white one, I've never really seen anything like it. Karen is based in New Jersey, but does lots of her work for brides in NYC. If you're in the area or just looking for some inspiration check out her website here.


Anonymous on 12:30 AM

Those cakes are freakin' amazing! I've seen nothing like them. Thanks for sharing.

Sacred Moment Weddings on 3:53 PM

The cake on the left is the perfect combo of color! It reminds me of a country cottage surrounded by wildflowers!

Mrs. Designher on 11:36 AM

Ms Kenz - the cake on the right matches the dress in the post above :) SOOO cute!! :) I LOVE IT!! I can just see it sitting on a beautiful eggplant purple lamour tablecloth!

Mrs. Designher on 11:36 AM
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