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let them read about cake!

I was lucky enough to score an early copy of this book, by Martha Stewart and Wendy Kromer, and I LOVE it. It's a collection of some of the most (or all the most) beautiful wedding cake images from Martha Stewart Weddings through the last several years. If you're contemplating your cake or looking for inspiration, look no further. $60-- no $37! well spent. You'll get all the inspiration you need to guide your baker to a seriously drool-worthy confection. I'd love to donate my copy to some lucky bride, or baker... Perhaps I will come up with some sort of contest... stay tuned.


Helen on 11:00 AM

May I send you a box of cupcakes and get a book in return??! I make a mean cupcake, but not sure how well it will travel to the US!! Love a good cake book. So good to drool over and inspire!x

Mary Marantz on 12:34 PM

Oh that book looks amazing!! We'll def have to check it out!


Pencils on 1:51 PM

Wow, I wish that had come out a year ago. Does it have recipes, too? My wedding cake was the cheesecake from Martha's old "Weddings" book. My mom made it for my sister's wedding in 1989, and I always wanted one for my eventual wedding. Which was a long time coming, but I got my cake! It was tasty, too, the guests were thrilled to have a cheesecake wedding cake.

Faith on 2:13 PM

Good golly, that woman finds the most creative ways to make more and more'd be disgusting to me if I weren't so jealous of her ability.

And hell if I don't want to buy that book. Jeezy...

alissa on 9:29 PM

Haha I'm with you - I want that book. And I'm jealous of Martha.

Wicked Good Dinner on 2:11 PM

Isn't this brilliant! I was able to get a sneak peek, too from the Wedding studio at Disney. I love the book as well, it's now one of my favorites :-)

Joey on 9:46 PM

i'm all for contests. go for it!