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These are three of the new styles that I will offer as part of KenzieKate's 2008 collection come the first of February (you're the first to see them!), but I need help naming them! I'm stuck. I've named the other new ones, but the jury is still out on these three. I name each of my invites after a city that I feel has a similar spirit, and while I've been places, I'm not a well traveled girl. I need your help! I'd be really appreciative of any suggestions.

Already taken are: Paris, Manhattan, Stockholm, Vienna, Montreal, Charlotte, Havana, Seville, Mumbai, Burlington, Seattle, Philadelphia, Aberdeen, Hanalei, Aspen, Cozumel, Palm Springs, and Savannah.

** UPDATE: Several people have written me, telling me that my French is off on the reply card for the first invite set. Not to worry! The French is correct on the real thing, this image was just taken from an earlier prototype. Thanks though!


Anonymous on 11:05 PM

for the blood-red and orange one, i suggest "tangiers". the one with the birds reminds me of "biloxi". good luck! they're pretty!

Anonymous on 11:09 PM

The first one: arĂ´me (french word for aroma / smell)

Second one: hmmm... still thinking

Third one: L'Oiseau (french for bird)

Sorry... im in the french mood lately... good luck

andrea jean on 11:16 PM

what about 'victoria' for the first one?

strawberry on 11:36 PM

What about the cities Milano, Barceona, Florence (Firenza), Turino, Madrid, Capri, Venice?

I was stuck on Italian cities..

MegRuth on 11:49 PM

First: Greenwich

Second: Budapest

Third: Heidelberg

These are all absolutely stunning! Your designs are lovely.

Kate on 12:13 AM

first: Milan
second: Casablanca
third: Malmo

Deirdre Gill on 12:43 AM

oooh oooh ooh I love these new ones! They are so rich a juicy.

Maybe "Granada" for the second reminds me of the Alahambra

and Dusseldorf for the birds.

lunasoleil on 1:33 AM

Lovely. The second one reminds me of Marrakesh :)

Lethie on 1:34 AM

First: Cape Cod or Nantucket
Second: Delhi (India)
Third: Santorini (Grecce) or Key West

Love the invitations. Hope you like the suggestions.

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs on 2:21 AM

second: marrakesh (morocco)

Becky on 5:01 AM

Something about the third one reminds me of Cape Town- i think it's the vibrant colors and the printed pattern.

Becky on 5:02 AM

Something about the third one reminds me of Cape Town- i think it's the vibrant colors and the printed pattern.

Lynn on 9:16 AM

1. Charleston
2. Rabat (capitol of Morocco)
3. Capistrano (technically San Juan Capistrano, CA and their swallows)

I love the sneak peek. I can't wait to see the whole collection

perfect bound on 9:27 AM

Fun, fun! I can't help but think of Italy.

First: Verona (home to Romeo & Juliet)
Second: Florence
Third: Fiesole

Jane E. on 11:16 AM

1. Delta, Montgomery, New Orleans, Atlanta
2. Hartford, Lowell, Middlebury, Nutley (besides making me think of the Middle East, this design made me think of vintage book linings in a library)
3. Memphis, Louisville, Austin, Springfield.

molly on 11:29 AM

Really great work Macenzie!
My suggestions are:

1: Geneva
2: Bangladesh
3: Helsinki (or Copenhagen)

P on 12:05 PM

1. dublin (green)
sort of obvious

2. mumbai (red)
this invite has an indian theme to me

3. capistrano (blue/orange)
not really a city :) but it's a place:

gl :3

Mrs. Designher on 12:14 PM

You ROCK!! Your designs always inspire!!

1. Aspen
2. Dubai
3. Sedona

Kate on 1:14 PM

Here are my suggestions:

1. Providence (CT)
2. Marrakesh (Morocco)
3. Copenhagen (Denmark)

diana on 1:18 PM

How about "Provence" for #1?

Katie on 1:18 PM

#2 Reminds me of India... Jaisalmer in particular. It's this beautiful fortified city in the middle of the Thar Desert; lots of temples and such nearby, but a bit less glitz than the rest of the Indian spots I visited.

Anonymous on 2:55 PM

I would say the second one reminds me of Tunis (capital of Tunisia)- Arabic and Mediteranean influences or the city of Granada (city in Spain).

The last one with the birds reminds me of the Canary Islands (Spain) off the coast of west Africa. The city name (capital) would be Tenerife.

Kat on 2:55 PM

The 3rd one reminds me of Hamilton Bermuda!

Christine Marie Altimore-Nash on 3:10 PM

1. Cannes (France)
2. Jakarta (Indonesia)
3. Palermo (Sicily)

Best of luck, these designs are truly inspirational!

Darci on 6:06 PM

Gorgeous!!! What about Marseille for the first one?

Naneenya on 6:07 PM

#1 - Havana
#2 - Istanbul
#3 - Heidelberg

Anonymous on 6:27 PM

Looks great -- I think you may want to reconsider the RSVP text... the traditional French spelling is "Repondez S'il Vous Plait."

Sarah on 6:36 PM

Beautiful work as always. You are one talented girl!

already suggested but good:

#1 - Marseille
#2 - Granada or Marrakesh
#3 - Helsinki

best of luck with the new designs!

Anonymous on 7:41 PM

I only have a name for two of them:
#3 (the blue & orange one) - Avalon, after the little city on the island of Catalina (off the cost of Southern California). The invitation reminds me of the classic terracota tiles that used to be made on the island.
#1 (the green & white one) - I have several - mainly neighborhoods in London. Kensington, Mayfair, Brompton, or Chelsea).

Jenaholic on 11:08 PM

The first one reminds me of Tallahassee, FL

Megan on 3:35 AM

1. Charlotte
2. Mumbai
3. Copenhagen

Anonymous on 8:21 AM

Thank you for cone project.I love making heirloom vintage paper keepsakes too! I embellish with NE vintage pretties!

Nicole on 9:16 AM

Love the new invitations. The colors are beautiful and I hope that I get to work with them this year through some of my brides.
:-) Stunning.

Krista on 10:22 AM

1. Someone said Charleston for the first one. I live in Charleston and those conjur no image of Charleston for me. However, a Charleston theme one would be beautiful. Something very vintage and old South. I still need wedding invitations! :)

2. I agree with most posters about number 2. They gave perfect ideas for Indian, Morrocan and other middle eastern cities. However, I thought the posters idea of vintage book linings was brilliant and you should consider a beautiful north eastern college town, like Hartford.

3. The first thing that came to mind was the country of Bali, but I know you want cities. I also love the idea of Heidelberg or Copenhagen. It vaguely reminds me of summers in Germany.

They are all beautiful and original, though.

Meghan B. on 10:54 AM

The third one reminds me of Scandinavia, so I'm going to go with something in that region. Maybe Oslo?

Anonymous on 4:25 PM

the third one is very scandanavian--I like Malmo, Sweden

bridget on 4:49 PM

The first one reminds me of jakarta.
As for the second i was i also thinking Jaisalmer, but Udiapur (sp??) is home to the amazing lake palace so that would be be fun too.
Third, maybe oslo?

Jama on 6:07 PM

The third one is Vienna, because it reminds be of all the beautiful jugendstijl (Art Nouveau) artwork/architecture that adorns the city. The art movement was all about organic lines and elements.

They're beautiful, by the way.

Sherry on 7:59 PM

The second one is definitely reminiscent of a city in the Rajasthan region of India. Either Jaipur, Udaipur, or Jaisalmer.

Anonymous on 9:27 PM

(1) Charleston
(2) Marrakesh
(3) Helsinki

AIR on 9:32 PM

Oh fun! I like this game.
I just posted an inspiration board today that matches the third choice. We have good taste! I'm going with cities and towns from the Carolinas...where I'm so blessed to work and play.
1. Eden or Weddington
2. Selma or Knightdale
3. Shelby or Summerfield

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions on 10:03 PM

OK, I'm no good with the names, but I have to say that these designs are GREAT!

Jennifer on 5:41 PM

1. Seville
2. Damascus
3. Biloxi or Cincinnati