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lela rose

Lela Rose is known in the bridal world for her line of high end, elegantly crafted wedding gowns with simple silhouettes and gorgeous detailing. She also has a line of non-bridal wear, and in my opinion, the gowns in her ready-to-wear line are just as beautiful as the wedding ones. I truly love the strapless white gown with the black detailing. And the orange one with the cut outs is something I would wear any day of the year, whether I was walking down an aisle, or down to the mailbox.


Anonymous on 4:24 PM

I am IN LOVE with Lela Rose!!! I haven't yet begun the dress search, but I'm assuming once I do I'll be saddened by Lela's prices. Do you know of any similar, more budget friendly frocks?

Joy on 5:40 PM

How I long for the days when women wore more dresses. I love that you'd wear them to the mailbox! :)

What beautiful designs - I am hooked. :)

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs on 11:09 AM


liliya on 5:46 PM

5 Star Unique Alterations
1602 Quentin rd(rear office)
Brooklyn NY 11229
1718 677 0609

5 Star Unique Alterations is a full-scale tailoring and dressmaking business and a retailer of bridal and formal gown fashion (bridesmaid, prom, mother-of-the-bride and so on).

The owners are graduates of a fashion and design institute and have been in business for close to two decades. They take pride in their work and are willing to take on all kinds of challenges - correcting the mistakes of other tailoring establishments, custom design of almost any article of clothing and more.

Anonymous on 3:44 PM

ooo, i'm so lucky. I found the gown at the right for %66 off retail at Nordstrom this weekend. It's returnable, but I fell in love with it and my mother is concerned about the blue detail. Do you think it really is wearable for a wedding?

Mackenzie on 3:47 PM

OMG! It's more than wearable, it's fabulous! SOMETHING BLUE??!! It's perfect.