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louisa beccaria

As much as I love white gowns (and there are some stunners out there), there are multitudes of gorgeous colorful ones out there too. I can't imagine limiting myself to white when there are delicate confections like these from Louisa Beccaria out there. Are you considering anything other than a white dress for your day?


Ms Polka Dot on 11:10 PM

Wow that third one is scrumptious! I love a coloured wedding gown!

Always Fabulous Events on 2:45 AM

I love the plaid one too. Great idea for a nontraditional bride.

rebekah @ elizabeth anne designs on 9:32 AM

I love love love the first one!

Michelle on 10:01 AM

I'll be wearing a custom made dress inspired by the pink polka dotted dress by Maggie Sottero. It may be nontraditional, but no one will forget what you were wearing. If I only get to wear it once, why not make it worthy of a one time performance.

anna_muffin on 10:15 AM

I definitely do NOT want a white dress..and these are gorgeous. I've checked out Luisa Beccaria and her collections are beautiful.

Italian Child on 2:05 PM

It's LUISA BECCARIA - I've met her and she's a fabulous lady...

LuckyLucyChance on 2:19 PM

The plaid dress is AMAZING! Wow, what a find. Hope you don't mind if I post it on my blog, I will pass the credit for this along to you!

LuckyLucyChance on 2:19 PM

The plaid dress is AMAZING! Wow, what a find. Hope you don't mind if I post it on my blog, I will pass the credit for this along to you!

Anonymous on 8:01 PM

I wish I would have married in the spring just so I could have worn the first dress!!

Anonymous on 6:59 AM

The dresser are awesome!!!! I love the flower-details :)

Anonymous on 7:08 AM

Sorry, I meant dresses but it came out "dresser" :D

Anonymous on 11:09 AM

I love colored dresses. If I didn't already have my ivory gown, I would totally wear something in color. It's so me.

melissadavlin on 12:35 PM

I just ordered a green dress for my wedding gown. I love colored dresses. :)

DJ on 3:48 PM

I'm not sure what I think about colored dresses... maybe if I was having a spring wedding, but in September I think I would like to keep it the traditional white gown.

Maya on 3:12 PM

i love the one in the middle, the short white one! it's gorgeous. and the bright yellow sash makes it perfect. i checked out luisa beccaria when you posted about her last time and i picked it out from the bunch too. great minds think alike i guess. haha. anyway, i love it. thanks for the great finds. i even posted about your invitations on my own blog. your stuff is great!

soon-to-be Mrs. Ish on 5:23 PM

OH! Those dresses are gorgeous! I love the flowery one and the plaid one. on 10:41 AM

I love the purple plaid one! just gorgeous. You have to be tall to pull that off!

5 Star Unique Alterations on 5:43 PM

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Lindsay on 12:13 PM

I'm wearing a multi-colored floral printed silk gown for my wedding! So excited:

Joy on 1:10 AM

I love these!!! Especially that plaid one. It looks like it would not only look killer but be really fun to wear. Now, I'm not getting married anytime soon, but I AM plotting a way to wear something like this anyway! :)
Thanks for the post!

the groom on 8:18 PM ~ The man's perspective