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something pink

something pink
Since October is Breast Cancer awareness month, several bloggers and I agreed to POST PINK! today. I'm so pleased to be part of a group who is so gung-ho about things like this. What could be a more appropriate pink post for Something Old, Something New than Something Pink? Something Pink is huge three day wedding gown sale hosted by Brides Magazine. The sale features several big name designers at amazingly affordable prices. Taking place in midtown Manhattan from October 4th-6th, tickets are available here. This would be a great way to show your support, and save a bit of money on your gown at the same time!


Anonymous on 7:53 PM

What a great opportunity to give and receive. And, what a nice connection to something old, something new.

Katie on 8:11 AM

Wow, like an idiot, I totally just replied to the wrong post. I wanted to reply to this one and say that I was truly impressed by the hard work everyone has been putting in for breast cancer awareness month. I really feel like it is above and beyond last year's and it makes me happy to see all the pink :)

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