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interview with darcy miller

Darcy Miller Interview
I know I'm not the only one who's excited that Darcy Miller, (Editor at MS Weddings) has taken up blogging. Several wedding bloggers have posted about The Bride's Guide (Darcy's blog) and I just know there are wedding blog readers out there dying to pick Darcy's brain. Personally, the idea of an Editor at Martha Stewart Weddings entertaining my questions is just plain fun. So without further ado, I'll give you the Q and A:

Q: Take us back to when you were first engaged. Aside from calling family and friends, what was the first thing you set your mind to?
A: When you first get engaged, the first thing you should figure out is where and when you want your wedding and then set the date. I had a special place in mind for my wedding, so I had to first check availability.
There are four things that are most important to start with as they will affect each other: budget, size, style and location. It’s important to first determine the budget (or at least a range) as this will affect the size. Both families should write down their must-haves and their wish list of guests before even starting to look at location. Next, you should determine the style that will reflect you as a couple (ex. small beach wedding or large traditional wedding). And then you’ll be able to determine the location based on all of these things.

Q: Is there one paramount "wed-iquette" rule you would never break?
A: The most important thing is to be comfortable at your own wedding. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right to you. Etiquette rules are supposed to inspire, however, it’s up to you as a couple to make all the decisions and make it personalized.

Q: Every wedding seems to have its snafus, (charming or otherwise). Can you share one of your own wedding mishaps?
A: I was lucky to not have any major mishaps at my wedding. For the last few days leading up to the wedding, I hired my friend and wedding planner Elizabeth Allen to help me out. It allowed me to enjoy my time with friends and family.

Q: What are some of your favorite fall wedding color combinations?
A: The most popular color combinations for fall are jewel tones and pastels mixed with browns. However, I also really like brighter colors and you can never go wrong with classic wedding colors such as white and silver. In the Fall issue of Martha Stewart Weddings, we feature emerald green and aqua in our regular palette story. The issue is on stands on October 1.

Q: Describe your ideal experience as a wedding guest.
A: Wedding guests should feel welcome and comfortable from the moment they receive the invitation through every detail of the ceremony and reception. So if it’s a fall wedding, make sure guests won’t be too cold at an outdoor reception or too hot at a summer wedding. Music is also a very important guest experience – it sets the tone so choose carefully.
Make sure that no matter how big or small, that at some point you greet all guests individually. Destination weddings are popular because the couples have more time to spend with their families and friends.


duane on 6:00 PM

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Lisa from Blush on 1:48 PM

Hi Mackenzie,
I'm not a jealous person. I'm not. At least I didn't think so, until now that is. I am absolutely !green! that you've been in touch/communicated with/chatted up !Darcy Miller!

Great interview. Thanks for sharing!

Glamour This! by Kelly on 12:48 PM

Oh i too am jealous. Congratz for the post its great to go the chance to chat with the one and only Darcy Miller!

Holli on 4:08 PM

Darcy is an extraordinary editor with excellent taste. Her expert advice helps brides everywhere. If you want to hear more wedding advice from Darcy check out her Meet the Masters interview on Wedding Podcast Network.

I have been a fan of Mackenzie's blog and now I regularly read Darcy's too. Thank you for sharing such great ideas.

Holli Ehrlich
Co-founder, Producer
Wedding Podcast Network

Hi, I'm Carol Frederick, on 8:39 AM

Darcy gives fabulous advice! Kudos to you on the interview!