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I wonder how many brides reading this blog are planning a courthouse wedding? (By the by, whenever I think of a courthouse wedding I picture Jennifer Lopez marrying Dr. Karev from Grey's Anatomy, a la The Wedding Planner) Seriously though, do you plan a courthouse wedding? Is the whole point not to plan? If you were planning a courthouse wedding, would you pick out something special to wear, (I'd wear the above day dress from Nordstrom's with pearl studs and turquoise pumps) or would you go it casual like this couple? Anyone? Tell me. I'm curious.


Allison on 10:23 PM

Don't we all think of that movie? When my soon-to-be suggested a courthouse wedding, I immediately conjured up thoughts of myself in the outfit Jennifer Lopez wore!

Lynn on 7:51 AM

I've wondered about this, too. One of these days I am going to stake out the courthouse to find out how many brides come dress for a wedding LOL

Steffanie on 9:25 AM

I couldn't bring myself to having a courthouse wedding; pulling a number and waiting in line just wasn't in my picture of our perfect wedding day. Instead we were wed on the beach with a JoP, just the two of us and the backdrop of the beautiful ocean. I wore a summer dress. If I was able to find something similar to what you posted, I would have loved to been dressed in white!

Anonymous on 12:09 PM

Wow they make it look so much more glam in the movies. If that is what a real courthouse wedding is like then why really bother getted dolled up in a fancy dress, although I do LOVE the one you posted and with turquoise pumps for something blue would be fab.

Anonymous on 12:59 PM

For a number of reasons we had to have a civil ceremony before the church/family wedding. I did choose a new dress...a blue floral print from Ann Taylor (on sale-he treated). I wanted the occasion to feel special but I didn't want a white/bridalish dress b/c I didn't consider the civil cermony our "real" wedding and having a white dress would have meant, in my mind at least, that it was our real wedding. Crazy, I know.

Anonymous on 1:02 PM

oh i'd also just like to add that not all court house weddings are drab/depressing. In my state the judge does not marry you...the court has a list of justices of the peace you chose from. Her office was at the courthouse but there was a small park next to it with blooming flowers and she suggested we take a walk over there across the street. It was just him, me, and the justice surrounded by flowers. It was very intimate and special.

Anonymous on 1:18 PM

I had a courthouse wedding and my husband and I got dressed up. He wore khakis with a blue blazer and I wore a black and white BCBG wrap dress. I'm really happy that a courthouse wedding in NYC is different than what we saw on the video clip because we had an officiant and it was very personal. It wasn't in an open office like that one.

abby on 4:56 PM

i have a friend who had a courthouse wedding while 20 years old and in labor with her first child. it was the middle of the night and they had to go down to the jail where there is a 24-hour magistrate. she said there was another couple there, a middle-aged black couple, who were dressed to the nines in fancy wedding outfits - the guy in a tux with shiny shoes and the woman with a pillbox hat and veil, and everything.
my parents got married at a courthouse years ago, and they said they wore their "best hippy jeans." i think it makes sense not to dress up - if you harbor a secret desire to wear a fancy dress, why not also have a wedding?

K on 9:02 PM

I can tell you why.... b/c you have a hard time spending a minimum of $20,000 for the wedding you want. And a big party all about you make you all kinds of nervous and break out in hives... But you are still a very stylish girl and love to dress up!

K on 9:04 PM

So thanks Mackenzie I've been scanning every fashion site there is for a dress like this and was hoping someone might pull together a few options for that courthouse wedding.

Allison on 11:25 AM

A lot of people myself included have considered a courthouse wedding for personal, specific reasons. I think it is great that some of us would still dress up and/or wear outfits that suited the kind of couple you were to a courthouse wedding!

Anonymous on 7:58 PM

It really doesn't matter a bit what anyone wears...look at the smiles and love in those faces...that's what it is all about. Those faces could be in the most formal attire in the fanciest places but it wouldn't change what is important. It's the love behind the eyes.

Katie on 8:05 AM
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Anonymous on 1:41 AM

i had a courthouse wedding in nyc and dressed up all in white satin blouse & skirt from zara. it was the most romantic wedding because it more about the very reason we got married. it was our love that surpassed the drab of what most people typically think a courthouse wedding would be. i can remember vividly 5 yrs past. we bought vibrant anemones from magnolias. the same day we bought our wedding bands. it was nice to walk into tiffanys but walked over 2 stores down to fortuneoff to purchase a victorian filigree ring with diamonds. Though we knew we would plan a big wedding in a few yrs. And I did 2 yrs ago! But it was so nice to capture photos downtown battery park. being in the fashion industry for years I had to be stylish and it gave me alot more time to plan my future wedding. our anniversary just passed and we still consider our 1st courthouse wedding to be more special because it was just the 2 of us. :) hope this helps!

Anonymous on 11:04 PM

I will be doing the NYC city hall run this November. We will be dressing up for this, me in a short bcbg ivory dress and my fiance in his tux. I have heard that courthouse weddings are not that romantic, but it will be a special day for us.

Anonymous on 5:17 PM

not commeting about a courthouse wedding (though it is looking like a good idea considering i'm right in the middle of planning a traditional "big" wedding) but rather, i am commenting on the dress - it love it - and i just bought it online from nordstroms for 60% off! (but not for a wedding dress, just for a coctail party/shower)

Shann D on 9:53 AM

My fiance and I are currently "planning" a courthouse wedding. We're getting hours of operations and policies in order to see what we can and can't do - a little decorating would be nice.

I wasn't the typical little girl dreaming of her wedding day, but the idea of having an incredibly low-key wedding leaves me feeling a little deflated, but it's either a) a nice wedding/crappy honeymoon or b) a low key courthouse wedding/nice honeymoon

So we're going to have a small wedding then go out a little more for our honeymoon!

I've tried on wedding dresses and looked through countless books...but just find it easier and more financially sound right now to choose option b. If I really regret it, I can have a ceremony for an anniversary or something. *crosses fingers*

Anonymous on 1:08 PM

My finance and I are going to City Hall in San Francisco, which is gorgeous. It's also the place where same-sex marriages first took place and we love the symbolism. I plan to wear the BCBG sequin dress with chiffon sash that you posted somewhere on the blog. Love it! We'll have a party the next night with 50 friends and family (and another dress!), but we want the ceremony to be just us so we can focus on one another and our vows.