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introducing jenny ebert

Every night, before I go to bed, I post on this blog (usually). I read a lot of websites, get a lot of emails, and in general, I know fair deal about wedding related stuff. I can find an adorable bridesmaids gift in no time, cough Etsy. My brain is a-wash in color schemes. And don't even get me started on invitations. That being said, even with all my accumulated knowledge, I go to maybe three weddings a year? Maybe? What would happen if I went to a wedding every weekend? Would I be laden with that many more spectacular ideas? Hmmmmm. I don't want to go to a wedding every weekend. I don't have enough dress-up clothes for that. Plus I would get fat off the coconut shrimp and "signature cocktails".
Enter Jenny Ebert. I will let Jenny introduce herself in a sec, but boiled down, Jenny is the girl who goes to a gazillion weddings (she's the photographer). She's a professional wedding-goer. She's there in the trenches, while I'm out here- in theoretical wedding land. So from time to time, Jenny will be posting here on Something Old, Something New. She'll be offering a real-life perspective on weddings, a first hand account of what real bride's are doing on their wedding days. What worked? What didn't? Ask Jenny! So without further ado, I'll let her say a quick hello. If you have questions for Jenny, about photography or otherwise, feel free to ask them in the comment section.

Jenny's Intro
Hi! I’m Jenny Ebert. I am a Lifestyle and Wedding Photographer based out of NYC. When I’m not taking photographs I spend most of my time doing a never-ending list of projects. Thanks to my stylishly chic and oh-so-fabulous Brides (and possibly my little obsession with all things wedding) the inspiration, ideas and projects never seems to cease. More to come, very soon.



WIAB on 9:10 PM

I love you Mackenzie!
I am now in love with jenny ebert too!
What a talent!

Merrilee Diaz on 9:05 AM

Thank you for posting about Jenny. Her work is beautiful, especially the details and the way she captures the emotion of the day. And reasonably priced!! What a find!!

Glamour This! by Kelly on 11:53 AM

Welcome Jenny...

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions on 10:49 PM

Welcome, jenny! I can't wait to see more!

Anonymous on 12:52 PM

I LOVE this idea!

candy on 9:16 PM

can't wait to see more i have five weddings comming up