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Philip Crangi Rings
Just time for a quick one today, I'm still in Toronto at my sister-in-law's baby-shower-weekend-family-extravaganza. I saw these dainty, gorgeous little Philip Crangi rings over at Seamsters, and couldn't resist. I can easily picture wearing these two rings together on the same finger as a wedding set. So affordable, yet so chic!
Happy Columbus Day to everyone, and especially to those of you lucky enough to get the day off. And to the Canadians: Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous on 2:20 PM

I love the simplicity of these rings! Thanks for the link.

Martha B.

Jessica on 6:57 PM

I love how simple and elegant these pieces are...

Christy on 3:42 PM

I've been thinking of these rings ever since you posted them- soooooo pretty!!! The perfect new addition to my wish list! =) Thanks!