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happy shoes

Shoes! Shoes always cheer me up. Especially pink or yellow satin ones, worn under beautiful white wedding gowns. Even better because they're under $200.00.


Helen on 4:20 AM

Oh good lord and holy beelzebub. I love these shoes. The colours are so warm and yet bright and yet scrumptious and yet comfy-looking and... and... and...
You've made my day.xx

Pencils on 9:40 AM

Those are gorgeous shoes. And would be wearable after the wedding, unlike most bridal shoes. However, I wouldn't have been able to walk in them, and they would make me a good two inches taller than my poor husband anyway. That reminds me, I need to find a good place in Manhattan to tell me if they can dye my expensive ivory wedding shoes (which have a very small kitten heel.)

Sarah Dennis on 9:47 AM

Oh Mackenzie I love the Mary Janes and I love the pink and's a girl to decide.
I'm linkin' you in! This is a great post and it goes hand n' hand with my post today.

I invite you to check out my post today about how this color combination was used at a birthday party. You're going to love it!

Here's the link: on 3:58 AM

Love the yellow one

Lyndsy on 1:29 PM

I heart the yellow one! And did I mention my wedding colors are yellow and pink? You may have just solved my shoe dilemma! Thanks!

Fashion on 7:18 AM

nice post...i agree with your comments...Shoes always cheer me up too...especially i get great confidence when i wear my nike shoes...awesome!