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I may see it every time I open a bridal magazine, but like it or not, there's something really sweet about this dress from Siri. It's the neckline, it's definitely the neckline. It's timeless, it's ageless, it's flattering. With a shorter kicky skirt it's flirty. With a pencil skirt it's sexy. With a longer skirt it's demure, yet fetching. In all variations it's totally Old Hollywood. I'd wear it. My mom would probably wear it. I think my husband might even try it on for laughs, but he'd never admit it. It's one of those dresses we can all wear.


ABC D on 6:46 AM

My sister wore the dress on the left in my wedding. We did it in black with a silk overlay that had little black beads on it. It is a great dress. She is in her late 30's and looked fabulous.

Helen on 6:50 AM

I love this dress! For any of you budding seamstresses out there, Vogue Patterns do a very close approximation of this that I have made on a number of occassions very successfully. That incredible collar, however, will require more work than I can manage. Beautiful and, as you say, universally flattering.

Laura on 7:53 AM

Oh wow, I LOVE it. You're right about that neckline. Wow.

Darci on 9:58 AM

I tried on a Romona Keveza dress with a similar neckline, and you're right that it's flattering on everyone! I think one of those dresses would be great even to wear to a rehearsal or shower...hmmm...

mo on 5:09 PM

I love it for the MOB!

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions on 7:22 PM

This is a fabulous dress!

perfect bound on 9:05 AM

These would never scream bridesmaid on a second or third wear. I agree, they are fabulous.

Monica Rae on 12:58 PM

These are totally fabulous as everyone has said. I adore them. Old Hollywood is exactly it. But if a bride chooses them, she'd better be sure her bridesmaids are ladies, because this dress on anyone that is anything less would simply be a mistake.

bridalbar on 12:59 PM

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE them! Thanks for sharing!

BB2007 on 6:46 PM

I used siri for our wedding and all the gals loved their dresses- two chose this type- had very different body types and both looked amazing. Their colors are very rich.