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kashmiri bangles

I love these bangles from the Smithsonian (did you know I used to work at the Smithsonian? No? Great place to work. Just FYI). Anyway, the fact that I used to work there, like 10 years ago? (oh wow, that makes me sound kind of old) has nothing to do with why I like these. I like them because they're hand-painted, they can dress-up, or dress-down, they're not something you see everyday, and they're a bargain.


Helen on 4:18 AM

I love museum shops! I work at the Design Museum in London adn though most things are a bit mod for my taste, there are some beautiful cards and some really interesting vases and plates. V&A shop is extraordinary too. Am now happily surfind the Smithsonian too. Hoorah for Monday mornings xx

mo on 6:03 PM

I love these, a lot...

marisa on 3:23 PM

those would make beautiful nontraditional bridesmaid gifts!