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real green shoes

If the demand over at KenzieKate for green wedding invitations is any indication, green is the new pink! Truthfully? I couldn't be happier. I love green. Emerald, Kelly, Seafoam? All good.
Even though it makes me a little sad, I think it will be a while before we see brides strolling down the aisle in green dresses... (insert reference to Barenaked Ladies song here). But I do think, as I've stated in the past, that wearing a colorful shoe beneath your layers of silky white is both timeless and on-trend. I'm convinced that Grace Kelly would have done it. I can picture it very clearly in my mind's eye.
Anyway, my point is that I discovered (via Earth Friendly Wedding) some lovely shoes in a rainbow of hues over at UK shoe boutique Beyond Skin. Those of you in the US are not allowed to panic. They ship world wide. And they'll let you exchange if they don't fit. Deep breaths! As a very important side note: The green shoes you see above? They are more than just green. They are GREEN. As in, environmentally responsible, vegan, and cruelty-free shoes. Very, very cool. I'm sure Grace Kelly would have approved.


natalie on 10:05 PM

I love that second pair! The color is really lovely. I was actually thinking about wearing blue shoes, but this has swayed me toward green.

Jillian Kay on 10:56 PM

I LOOOOVE GREEN!! My absolute fav, I just died when I saw those gorgeous shoes.

Of course, I thought it was terribly funny that just above this post in my bloglines feeder, was this post by offbeat bride...

...of a bride in a GREEN dress. :)

Jennifer on 8:23 AM

Thank you so much for the mention Mackenzie! I love these shoes too! The top pair are like the "green" version of Dorothy's ruby red slippers!

callie on 11:15 AM

I wore gorgeous green silk shoes with a high wooden heel underneath my wedding dress last month! While my dress covered the shoes during the ceremony, when I bent down to get our rings off our ring-bearer (our english bulldog), you could see the green shoes peek out from under the dress.

And of course, once you're dancing, all eyes are on the green shoes!

(Of course, mine were not environmentally green... :-( )

nydampress on 2:49 PM

I also wore green flats to my wedding (last week!)
I had a tea length dress so the shoes were seen (and loved) by all :)

Anonymous on 6:04 PM

This is so funny! I just bought a pair of green Louboutin today to wear under my wedding gown!!! The best part about it is it was on sale!!!!

Anonymous on 6:19 PM

Those shoes ARE fantastic, BUT don't forget the environmental impact of flying your shoes back and forth across the Atlantic... That's NOT so green.
Next time I'm in the UK, I'll have to make sure to pick up the green sparkly pair and bring them back with me. :)

papercupp on 7:40 AM

FYI: In January of 2005 Matthew Williamson did a wedding dress in shades of green for Hip Hop 'Milkshake' singer Kelis and her Groom NAS. The only photo I can find of it is here at

Polka Dot Bride on 4:58 AM

oh. my. lordie. We were looking for green heels for AGES over at PDB for Abbey's wedding and these would have been perfect!

I still want them though.

ms. spinach on 8:53 PM

oh my gosh. that bottom right pair in emerald! *droooool.*

melissadavlin on 1:22 AM

I'm actually wearing a green wedding dress. ;)

Anonymous on 2:07 PM

I am wearing a green dress too...I don't think that we are too far away from only white weddings.

Foxy on 9:15 AM

They are the sexiest heels ever