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two birds, one dress.

Two Birds makes one dress. One dress that you can wear about a million different ways, in a smattering of beautiful colors. Check out their creative website to learn just how to tie, wrap, and twist this dress into shape. Strapless you want? No problem. Oh, you said you need your shoulders covered? Ok, sure.


Indie & Classy on 1:54 PM

Wonderful! Thanks for this great find.

Nanette on 3:56 PM

That's about the coolest thing ever!

nicole hill on 8:33 PM

my sister owns one and one of the bridesmaids i photographed also looked fantastic in it:
(she's the bottom left corner, furthest from camera.)

Michelle on 7:36 PM

What an amazing idea! I got married in June. I wish I knew of this dress last summer.

Kelly on 3:45 PM

what a fantastic idea. all bridesmaid dresses should be required to have at least dual functionality!

Anonymous on 3:37 PM

These dresses are horrible!! they are not ment for people taller than 5'5'' or with boobs bigger than a B cup. After weeks of complaining, we received the dress 2 WEEKS before the wedding. I do not suggest anyone uses them.