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the dream house

Dream House
So this is an interesting concept. Conde Nast has created something called Dream House. As far as I understand it, Dream House is a showplace home, designed to inspire newlywed or newly engaged couples. In addition to displaying some fabulous decor, the fanciest in bridal attire, and the epitome of registry chic, the Dream House will be open to the public for tours, cocktail parties, classes and spa treatments. The Dream House will only be open for four weeks, starting on the 18th of October. You can visit the Dream House main site to see a schedule of events, and purchase tickets. Part of the proceeds will go toward the I Do Foundation, and at $10 per event, it seems like a pretty reasonable fee for a cocktail party or a manicure. Take a few of the girlfriends! Where is this Dream House you ask? Manhattan, of course.


talida on 1:09 AM

wow, I'll definitely have to check that out. thanks for posting!

Enjoy Celebrations and Occasions on 9:28 PM

I just went to a Brides Magazine event at the Dream House this past weekend. It is truly beautiful! Every room was better than the next!

Joanna Goddard on 10:38 AM

that's an AWESOME idea! i'm going to check it out right away. thx for the post.